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A Parish of the Anglican Catholic Church, Original Province (ACC-OP) founded in 1978.
Diocese of the South

 Book of Common Prayer (1928)
means the tradition that comes through the Church of England (in America, this came through the Episcopal Church). "Catholic" means whole or complete or Universal, as used in the ancient Creeds.

St. Benedict's Anglican Church
870 Weaver Dairy Road
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 27514

919-933-0956919-933-0956 E-mail

Fr. Robert Hart, Rector

8:30 AM Morning Prayer (Holy Communion first Sunday each month)                    .
9: 00 AM Education for adults
10:00 AM Holy Communion 
(with Sunday School for children)                                   .

Holy Communion 12:00 noon
Evening Prayer 6:00 pm
Bible Study 7:00 pm

Every Saturday
3:00PM Holy Communion at the Stratford Senior Care Facility

POTLUCK SUPPER every second Tuesday each month, 6-8 PM.

Organ Recital and Evensong

On Sunday November 30, the First Sunday in Advent, Mr. James Lazenby will perform an organ recital followed by Evensong. It all begins at 4:00 PM. The recital will feature compositions based on hymns, and will include some congregational singing.

Schedule for Christmas Services

On Christmas Eve

4:00 PM Children’s Christmas Pageant

5:00 PM Holy Communion (First Mass of Christmas)

11:00 PM Holy Communion (Traditional Midnight Mass)

Feast of the Epiphany Tuesday January 6

Holy Communion at 7:00 PM

A cross to greet you as you come up our drive

About The Anglican Catholic Church

The Anglican Catholic Church is part of the One, Holy, Catholic,
and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, faithfully continuing the
Anglican tradition. We practice and uphold the historic Catholic
Faith, Apostolic Order, Orthodox Worship, and Evangelical
Witness of the traditional Anglican Church.

Today the Anglican Catholic Church is a
worldwide body. It has churches in the U.S.,
the United Kingdom, Australia, the Sudan, the Congo, South Africa,
Haiti, and South America. In 1984 the historic
Church of India (Anglican) was received and
constituted as the Second Province of the
Anglican Catholic Church.

Diocese of the South

This is the official Web site of the Saint Benedict's Anglican
Catholic Church.

A typical Sunday at St. Benedict's